Archaeology of Cooking in Ancient Greece : Spaces, Actors, Tools and Recipes in Domestic context

Date. Jeudi 27 Mai 2021

Lieu. visioconférence (inscription)

While the Classic symposium is abundantly documented by written and iconographic sources, and while the subject of alimentation during Antiquity has been explored by numerous scholars under the consumption point of view, very few has been done yet on the question of the preparation of food in the domestic sphere. This question leads to numerous questions that need to be explored, from the architectural space where the food transformation takes place, to the actors of this preparation, their instrumentum and their gestures. Such a subject has to be treated by an interdisciplinary approach and a continuous dialog between specialists in architecture, pottery, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeometry and philology.Within the process of elaboration of the ArchCook / Archaeology of Cooking in Ancient Greece project, we propose a round-table with two purposes: creating a positive context of meeting and exchanges and defining with more accuracy the problematics of ArchCook. With this event, open to the entire scientific community, we expect participants to share their methods and approaches on the question of cooking and alimentation.


14h00 -14h30 Anne-Sophie Martz & Clémence Pagnoux

Presentation of the ArchCook Project

14h30 -15h00 Bradley A. Ault & Irene Liesk

The Social Aspect of Everyday Food Tasks within the Classical Greek Household

15h00 – 15h20 Discussion

15h20 – 15h50 Hélène Wurmser

A Methodological Approach on Kitchen and Food Transformation Spaces Identification: the Delian Houses Case

15h50 – 16h10 Discussion

16h10 – 16h50 Break

16h50 – 17h20 Alice Waldner

Preparing Food in Ephesos: Spaces and Objects

17h20 – 17h40 Discussion

17h40 – 18h10 Kyriaki Tsirtsi & Evi Margaritis

Unwrapping the Dietary Habits in Classical Sikyon

18h10 – 18h30 Discussion

18h30 – 19h00 Discussion Final and conclusions

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