Actualités : colloque “De l’érable à l’olive : un colloque pour célébrer le 40e anniversaire de l’Institut canadien en Grèce

Date / lieu : 10-11 juin 2016 / Athènes, Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene

“From Maple to Olive: A Colloquium to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Canadian Institute in Greece”
Vendredi 10 juin

10h00–10h45 R. Angus K. Smith (Brock University), President, CIG Board of Directors, Keith Morrill, Canadian Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Aristides Baltas, Minister of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Athletics : Presentation

10h45–11h30 David W. Rupp (Canadian Institute in Greece / Brock University) : From Maple to Olive : Canadian Fieldwork and Research Transforming the Archaeologies of Greece

11h30–12h00 Pause café

12h00–13h40 SESSION I

Margarita Nazou (Ghent University) : Kiapha Thiti: the pottery from the earliest phase of the acropolis (Final Neolithic-Early Bronze Age)

Loeta Tyree (ASCSA) : Kamares Cave and the early, ritual landscape of South Central Crete :  Diachronic changes in cave rituals

D. Matthew Buell (Concordia University) : Of Bulls and Banquets: James Walter Graham’s Contributions to Minoan Archaeology and their Lasting Influence

R. Angus K. Smith (Brock University), Mary K. Dabney (Bryn Mawr College), James C. Wright (ASCSA) : Using Archaeological Science to Reconstruct Mycenaean Burial Practices

13h40–15h00 Pause midi

15h00–16h40 SESSION II

Tracey Cullen (ASCSA), Lauren E. Talalay (University of Michigan), Žarko Tankosić (Norwegian Institute at Athens), Donald R. Keller (ACOR), Markos Katsianis : Looking back in time : Three decades of research into the prehistory of Southern Euboea

Zarko Tankosic (Norwegian Institute at Athens) : Fact or Fiction? Lithics-only Prehistoric Sites in the Karystian Plain in Light of New Evidence from Southern Euboea

Hector Williams (University of British Columbia) :  The Mytilene Project

Gerald P. Schaus (Wilfrid Laurier University) : Archaic Imported Fine Wares from Canadian-Greek Excavations on the Lower Town Site at Mytilene

16h40–17h10 Pause café

17h10–18h50 SESSION III

Jacques Perreault (Université de Montréal) : Un complexe commercial à Argilos / An unusual commercial building at Argilos

Martin Perron (Parks Canada Agency) : Notes sur un groupe de Cratères Archaïques d’Argilos / On Some Late Archaic Stamnoid Kraters from Argilos

Mark L. Lawall (University of Manitoba) : Adventurous Speculation about Kle(on?) and an Owl at Argilos

Rodney D. Fitzsimons (Trent University) : Architectural Energetics and Archaic Cretan Urbanisation

Samedi 11 juin

09h30–11h30 SESSION IV

Tristan Carter (McMaster University), Demetrios Athanassoulis (Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades), Daniel Contreras (Aix-Marseille Universite), Justin Holcomb (Boston University), Danica Mihailović (independent researcher), Nikolaos Skarpelis (University of Athens), Kathryn Campeau (McMaster University) : The Palaeolithic Quarry and Stone Tool Workshops of Stélida, Naxos: New Light on Early Humans in the Aegean Basin

Bryan Burns (Wellesley College), Brendan Burke (University of Victoria), Alexandra Charami (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) : Mycenaean Eleon and Eastern Boeotia during the Bronze Age

Brendan Burke (University of Victoria), Bryan Burns (Wellesley College), Alexandra Charami (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) : Archaic and Classical Eleon in Eastern Boeotia: Canadian Excavations from 2011-2015

Matthew Maher (University of Winnipeg), Alistair Mowat (University of Manitoba) : The Defense Network in the Chora of Mantineia

Spencer Pope (McMaster University) : Athens and the Sikels in the late fifth century BC

11h30–12h00 Pause café

12h00–13h40 SESSION V

Dimitri Nakassis (University of Toronto), Scott Gallimore, (Wilfrid Laurier University), Sarah A. James, (University of Colorado Boulder), William Caraher (University of North Dakota) : To Argos : Archaeological survey in the Western Argolid, 2014-2015

Hector Williams (University of British Columbia) : The Stymphalos Project

Alexis Young (Wilfrid Laurier University) : The Examination of Selected Motifs on Votive Offerings of Jewellery from the Acropolis Sanctuary, Stymphalos: Towards a Greater Perspective of Cult

Lana Radloff (University at Buffalo, SUNY; ASCSA) : Contributions to Canadian Maritime Archaeology: Harbors, Urbanism, and Ideology in Asia Minor

13h40–15h00 Repas

15h00–17h00 SESSION VI

Laura Surtees (Bryn Mawr College), Margriet Haagsma (University of Alberta), Sophia Karapanou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) : From sherds to slope : Interpreting survey data at Kastro Kallithea in Thessaly

Colette Beestman-Kruyshaar (University of Amsterdam), Margriet Haagsma (University of Alberta), Sophia Karapanou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) : Kastro Kallithea : the analysis of ceramics from a Hellenistic townhouse

Craig I. Hardiman (University of Waterloo) : Home away from Home: Canada’s Contribution to Greek Domestic Studies

Gino Ruggiero Canlas (University of Alberta) : Negotiating Identities: Material Expression of Cults in Perrhaibia

Lucia Nixon (Wolfson College, Oxford), Jennifer Moody (University of Texas at Austin) : Cultural Landscapes and Resources in Sphakia, Crete : A Diachronic Perspective

17h00–17h30 Pause café

17h30–19h10 SESSION VII

Jane Francis (Concordia University) : Roman Influence on Greek Sphakia

D. J. Ian Begg (Trent University), Michael C. Nelson (Queen’s College), Todd Brenningmeyer (Maryville University), Amanda Kelly (University College Dublin) : The Leukos Survey Project: A Small Early and Middle Byzantine Harbour

Maria Papaioannou, Peter Dare (University of New Brunswick) : The Digital World of Greek Archaeology : Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Sheila Campbell (University of Toronto) : The Cistercian Monastery of Zaraka in Arcadia

19h30–19h45 Angus Smith (Brock University), President, CIG Board of Directors : Clothing remarks

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